SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

Youth of Kustom Kulture

Musical performances event a.k.a Pensi from SMAN 1 Semarang entitled Smansa Reinkarnation 2015 in helar on Saturday (19/09) then this concept does not focus on the Kustom Kulture, but on the enthusiasm of the participants and event booth participants inadvertently appear the Kustom Kulture aura in it. The most evident is in the sub event Smansa Motor Contest 2015 where class of Modify Custom was dominance by motorcycle modification Retro Vintage Custom concept was extremely powerful enough here. Ranging from the Cafe Racer, Chopper Cub, Cub Street, Street Tracker, and so forth are certainly very thick oldskool spirit here.


Not only in the Modify Custom classes are full of Kustom Kulture, on the other classes also Handpainting has already seen applied to the modifications of the 'plastic' motorcycle. One of them is the Honda Spacy of Podomoro Modify were all over his body painted with a brush custom handpainting. Also in Fashion Daily class one unit of Honda Vario from Guffy Modified also apply custom handpainting as his body art.


www.kustomakers.com - SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

Apart from the frenetic contest modifications, right in front of the hall and a basketball court that became the venue Smansa Motor Contest 2015 was there a community booth kulture custom of Semarang that this would be an interesting landscape in an event of young teens. From the booth is seen Medium Rare Leather Craft, Yudhantoro Fahmi, Sakti Reviandana, including Dignity Haircut all of them became an integral part of custom kulture. Highly visible if this community has a mission to introduce custom kulture to the younger generation.

www.kustomakers.com - SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

www.kustomakers.com - SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

"For the theme of the event is Metrochronatic that in terms of the colorful city, so we did not exist specifically to conceptualize this Pensi with custom kulture theme," said Krisna Adindaning Primary chairman of the committee in Smansa Reinkarnation 2015. "So if there is an element of custom kulture  here was all flows naturally from young people in the city of Semarang," said Nawfal Pracenda Idris of chairman of the executive. "Meanwhile, if the class Custom Modify indeed from the first of this class into the class mandatory in Smansa Motor Contest, but the contestants this year there are many who use the concept of retro custom oldskool in this class," said one of the alumni Smansa named Edwin Aziz who still helps in the concept of this Motor Contest event.

www.kustomakers.com - SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

www.kustomakers.com - SMANSA Reinkarnation 2015 - Semarang

As a gong or the peak on the main stage rigging sector where three genres of music became the basis of an invited guest star at this event. The first represented by hardcore genre Serngai, then Isyana Sarasvati to guest star in the Jazz genre, and the last is a Retro Pop star Indonesia Naif Band became the closing parade of guest stars in this 2015 event Smansa Reinkarnation. See u next year in Smansa Reinkarnation 2016 guys.... Lets Kustom the Youth...!




   1       032       Binter Merzy Boriqilmi Roy Garage       Semarang   
   2       018       Ninja RR Ferry Pap & Mam Modified       Semarang   
   3       053       053 Grand Nizar Rumah Garage       Semarang   
   4       033       053 Grand Nizar Rumah Garage       Semarang   



   1       132       New Blade Budi BSS       Mojokerto   
   2       124       Vario Fandry M17       Lamongan   
   3       113       Nouvo Ella Riska MCC       Pati   
   4       066       Ninja Ongkie Remot       Semarang   



   1       82       Mega Pro Junior Remot       Solo   
   2       62       Scorpio Deni Puji RCM       Karangjati   
   3       121       Grand Shahibul Manan       Jepara   
   4       131       C-70 Anas Patkey Remot       Pati   



   1       057       Jupiter Z Andrean Tholo J2CM       Jepara   
   2       109       Jupiter Z Alex J2CM       Jepara   
   3       061       Scorpio Syaefudin WCP Modified       Pekalongan   
   4       111       Jupiter Z Immanuel Ughed2 Custom       Solo   



   1       108       Mio Simon Keke Modified       Kebumen   
   2       092       Vario Yoga Kenthoz J2CM       Jepara   
   3       071       Fino Gibran M2B       Bandungan   
   4       112       Scoopy Ulin Nuha T-Well Custom       -   



   1       131       KSR Budi BSS       Mojokerto   
   2       076       Satria FU Tomy Marcelio       Semarang   
   3       105       Satria FU Abel Hendry Koplok Custom       Purworejo   
   4       125       Sonic Fandy M17       Lamongan   



   1       97       Scoopy M Hailal Virus Matic       Jepara   
   2       75       Scoopy Marcelio Speed Shoop       Semarang   
   3       130       Scoopy Budi BSS       Mojokerto   
   4       96       Scoopy Razqa Virus Matic       Jepara   



   008       Neil Raditya       Dad's Garage Custom   



   017       Spacy       Podomoro Modify   
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